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Monday, February 28, 2011

VeLi (Outer) ANDAL sannidhi at Sri Rangam

This is a very beautiful sannidhi for Sri Andal, located at #9, Mela Adayavalanjaan Street, Sri Rangam, very close to the Ranganatha temple. According to local history, when Sri PeriAzhwar and Andal arrived at Sri Rangam from Srivilliputhur, they stayed at a house before visiting the temple (and Andal merged with Lord Ranganatha). This house became the veLi ANDAL sannidhi. As always, the image of Sri ANDAL here is very beautiful. She is verily the embodiment of the Lord's trait of forgiveness.

(Correspondingly, there is another sannidhi for ANDAL within the temple of Lord Ranganatha, called the uLL (Inner) ANDAL sannidhi)

The beauty of Sri Rangam is that it has plenty of places and temples and small sannidhis that are associated with the lives of AchAryas. Also, the place is connected with several historical events.

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