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Friday, July 30, 2010

Swami Desikan's ThirumALigai at Sri Rangam

Sri Vedantha Desikar ThiruvadigaLae Saranam

SrImAn vEnkata nAthArya kavi thArkika kEsari
vEdAnthAcharya varyOmE sannidhathAm sadhAhrudhI

Adiyen recently visited Sri Rangam and was blessed to have the privilege of visiting the thirumALigai (residence) where Swami Desikan lived for approximately 42 years in Sri Rangam.

For those who wish to visit this place, the address is: # 116, North Uthra Veedhi, Sri Rangam, Trichy, 620006, India. This place is under Sri Parakala Matam and is excellently managed by Sri kUram SeshAdri. He may be contacted at 91-9940294908.

This is the thirumALigai where Swami Desikan lived for ~ 42 years and from where he left for Paramapadam. The beauty of this house is that it is preserved in almost the same condition as it was during the life and times of our AchAryan. Many of our Sri Vaishnava Acharyas have spent significant portions of their lives in Sri Rangam. But the houses where they lived have not been preserved in the same condition as during their lifetime. Over the centuries, their thirumALigais have been renovated or demolished. Swami Desikan's thirumALigai is, fortunately for us, an exception to this trend.

In this house, the stone structure is still intact, as are the wooden girders. This is very remarkable, considering that wood is prone to decay and attack by termites. (Nearly 750 years have passed since the lifetime of Swami Desikan). Also preserved here is the wooden pestle used by Swami Desikan's family. The stone kUrmAsanam used as a seat by Swami Desikan for his nitya-karmas is also seen here. Legend has it that, when Swami was in Satyakalam, he saw two kUrmA-s (tortoises) following him back home as he was returning from his daily prayers. Later that night, Lord Sriman Narayana appeared in his dream and revealed that the tortoises were His manifestations and instructed Swami to use them as his seat. The next day, Swami Desikan found two stone kUrmAsanas at the place where he did his prayers. One of these is now in Satyakalam, the other is in Swami Desikan's ThirumAligai in Sri Rangam.

Having been the residence of the great AchAryan, this house is a place of infinite holiness. Adiyen feels blessed to have had the opportunity to visit this house. It is easily accessible from the Sri Rangam temple. It is a a must-visit place for sishyas of Swami Desikan's sampradayam.

Currently, Sri kUram Seshadri, who manages this place, provides free boarding and lodging at this very house for pilgrims visiting Sri Rangam. Also, he coordinates donations to needy families in Sri Rangam. His regret is that, not many people (even sishyas of Sri Desika sampradayam) are not aware of this place, and do not include it in their visit to Sri Rangam.

Please visit this house and and enjoy the holiness and purity associated with Swami Desikan. The greatness of such places associated with Acharyas cannot be overemphasized. For instance, in the Ramayana, Sage Visvamitra explains to Lord Sri Rama, the holiness of the spot where Sage Gautama meditated.

Sri Vedantha Desikar ThiruvadigaLae saranam

Please click here for photos of this ThirumALigai.