Celebrating the Azhwars and the Divya Desams of Lord Sriman Narayana!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Paesathaan Aavathundo

The Thirumaalai is a set of 45 paasurams composed by Sri Tondaradippodi Azhwar.

It is said (quite aptly) that "Thirumaalai ariyaar, Thirumaalai ariyaar" i.e those who do not know the Thirumaalai, do not know the Lord Sriman Narayana.

In this set of paasurams, Azhwar says, "Maasatraar manathuLLaanai vaNangi naam iruppathallaal paesathaan avathundo pedhai nenjae nee sollaai".

Azhwar says that the Lord can never be comprehended by those who try to understand Him through their intellect. You can analyse and discuss about the nature of the Lord endlessly, and yet you will come nowhere near understanding Him. Only those who understand the futility of comprehending Him through their intellect and surrender unto Him, actually comprehend His nature and glories to a certain extent. The Lord cannot be grasped by the intellect, rather we can only align ourselves with Him through surrender, and in the process, get some understanding of His glories and His nature.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Thirukkandaen Pon Maeni Kandaen

Familiar people will at once recognize the phrase in the title - there are the opening words of Sri Peyazhwar's 100 pasurams.

The avathara sthalam (birthplace) of this Azhwar is tucked away in Mylapore, one of the oldest parts of Chennai city in southern India. Like so many great things in life, it is easy to miss. This Azhwar was not born of human parents - he incarnated in a well by himself. This well is located in in Arundale street (off Kutchery Road).

There is a small stone mantapam near this well. There are also a couple of small houses next to the well itself. I wonder if the inhabitants are aware of the monumental significance of their abode.

This great Azhwar starts his pasurams with a powerful assertion - his vision of Lord Sriman Narayana.