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Friday, April 23, 2010

A Taste of Kamban's Ramayanam

Mummai sAl ulagukkellAm mUla mandhirathai
mutrum thammaiyE thamarkku nalgum thanipperum padhathai thAnE
immaiyE ezhumai nOikkum marundhinai
rAmA ennum semmai sEr nAmam thannai kaNgaLil theriyakkandAn

A beautiful verse from Kamban's Ramayanam that explains the
glory of Sri Rama Nama.

The scene is the fratricidal duel between Vali and Sugriva.
In support of Sugriva, Rama has discharged the arrow that
cleaves Vaali's adamantine chest. In the throes of death,
Vaali looks at the arrow that has entered his body, and sees
Rama namam inscribed on it.

Had Kamban been a mere poet, he could have just said "Vaali
saw Rama's name inscribed on the fatal arrow" or something to
that effect. But, being the great devotee that he was, Kamban
chose to use this opportunity to dwell upon the greatness of
Sri Rama Nama.

According to Kamban, Rama namam has the following greatnesses:

- It is the fundamental, primordial mantra for all the worlds

- It is a unique word that grants everything to the chanter

- It assures freedom from all sins and evils in this birth and
whatever follows

- It is a glorious, auspicious name.